Current Reads

I just found this 1975 book Seeing with the Mind’s Eye (above photos) randomly at a book store. The introduction states that the author, Mike Samuels, also wrote The Well Body Book (1973) and Be Well (1974), two books I may have to note for further investigation. I have only read chapter one but I can already tell that I am going to enjoy it! It seems to be a great blend of art, psychology and 1970’s new age goodness.


I am also currently reading The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. I had heard and read great reviews of this book but I am actually a bit annoyed with it. It jumps around too much and switches up the character narration every other page which makes it difficult for me to stay engrossed. Even though I am annoyed, I am intrigued by what she is doing. For instance, it is a novel about a novel, obviously heavily influenced by Borges in which Krauss, perhaps not so coincidentally, writes in the setting of Buenos Aires as the place of the bookstore and Borges home. (She also mentions Kafka and quotes Wittgenstein, I’m sure to note further influence.) I can tell she put a lot of creative effort into this book but, so far, I just wish it was more fluid. Have you read it?


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