Monthly Archives: April 2012

I’ve been reading these books.


We had clear and sunny weather today but two days ago we had a crazy thunderstorm. I sat and watched the lightning flash over the house and listened to thunder that sounded minutes long. Afterward the horses behind our house neighed hysterically. It was all very exciting! This is an image of the lightning hitting the Bay Bridge. I am happy that I wasn’t driving on it at this time!

I’ve been watching the 1991-94 BBC series House of Eliott on YouTube and, although the second season is not as good as the first so far, I am drooling over the 1920’s era costumes. Here are some screen shots from season 2, episode 5. If you are into the Jeremy Irons version of Brideshed Revisited or Downton Abbey, you will probably enjoy this.

We were visiting family the other day and two ducks flew into the swimming pool. They stayed there for a while hopping in and out, eating bugs, taking naps. The funny thing is that he just built a pond but they enjoy the pool more. (it did look a little murky) There were hawks circling the property so perhaps they just feel safer poolside.