Monthly Archives: October 2012

I just acquired this Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book circa 1975 at a local thrift store. There are so many images, this is just a sampling from the first 1/3 of the book!


I found this “Round Tuit” in my Grandparents house. My grandpa made a few of these to hand out when anyone would proclaim they were either going to or couldn’t get around to a task. A forced ‘ha ha’ and an eye roll would follow. I always thought he made it up.

After many failed attempts last year, I have begun a new sourdough starter. This time I am not relying on the Tartine book’s shoddy instructions alone. Instead, I am following steps from this blog. So far I have fed it once and it seems to be behaving. I hope that I will end up with a crusty, delicious, rustic bread instead of a brick. Wish me luck!