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I am thankful that I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year since I have to board an airplane with my 18 month old on Friday morning. Instead, we are visiting family in Mill Valley and enjoying the holiday, stress free. I love baking for special occasions and this year I am going to attempt to make something new. I found this recipe for a Chez Panise Almond Torte on pintrest a while ago and it looks so delicious and easy to make that I can’t go wrong. Last year I made a hazelnut cake so I could start my own theme of baking nutty confections for Thanksgiving. The recipe is located at the blog Alexandra’s Kitchen, a welcome new discovery. She has other delicious sounding (and looking, nice photography – see below!) recipes such as the Orange and Olive Oil Cake, and the Gingerbread Biscotti.


Photo from Alexandra’s Kitchen


I was just looking at the date of my last post and realized it has been over five months since I have made an entry. I don’t particularly like to be on my computer during my daughter’s waking hours so I have let my blogging life fall by the wayside. As I perused my old posts I realized that I don’t want to give it up completely. So while my daughter naps today I will show you a few of her vintage books.

Know What? No, what? by Arline and Joseph Baum  1964


Alexander by Harold Littledale illustrated by Tom Vroman 1964ImageImageImage

Sleepy Time by Gyo Fujikawa  1986 (originally published in 1975, this is a 1986 printing)