Here are some favorite Paul Klee images for a little Monday inspiration.


paul-klee paul-klee-pavillion Paul Klee - Eros


Here is a book of Warholisms that will make you chuckle.

Excerpt from book-

“I really like to eat alone. I want to start a chain of restaurants for other people who are like me called ANDYMATS–“The restaurant for the lonely person.” You get your food and then you take your tray into a booth and watch television.”


I usually go on a road trip every summer but this year I have a brand new baby and she happens to hate riding in the car. On the last five or so trips I’ve made it a point to visit some kind of art or architectural creation. I have been to a few places listed in the book Destination Art – Marfa, The Farnsworth House, The Sun Tunnels, Spriral Jetty, and Watts Towers. There are so many more that I would like to see that look interesting. I know that I won’t be going on a long road trip for a while but a few destinations on my list are Giardino Dei Tarocchi, The Lightening Field, Double Negative and Star Axis.

I recently re-watched my copy of the documentary William Eggleston in the Real World. Years and years ago I was heavily influenced by an exhibition of his work that I saw in Paris. I went home and tried to make my photos look like they they were from the 70’s. I guess that is why I like Instagram, I can get the Eggleston feel without working in the darkroom for hours.

more photos here