After many years of living in and visiting Washington State, I can finally say that I’ve been to Snoqualmie Falls, a 270 foot waterfall!



This green moth caught my eye sitting on a bike tire in our garage. I’m not sure what kind it is, does anyone out there know?

After traveling out of state to my grandparent’s funeral followed by a week long visit from a friend, I am trying to catch up on anything and everything. My mom drove me by a house that she used to take my grandmother to and I had to snap a few photos of it. She told me that a very old Japanese man lives there and he let them peek at his equally colorful backyard. My aunt thinks it is tacky but I love it.

We set up the telescope yesterday and I took a few shots of Venus crossing the sun. These were taken with my point and shoot camera through the telescope eyepiece.

We had clear and sunny weather today but two days ago we had a crazy thunderstorm. I sat and watched the lightning flash over the house and listened to thunder that sounded minutes long. Afterward the horses behind our house neighed hysterically. It was all very exciting! This is an image of the lightning hitting the Bay Bridge. I am happy that I wasn’t driving on it at this time!